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Egg Rolls



   House Green Salad $7.70
   Green garden salad with choice of house lemon green dressing, Japanese miso dressing or peanut sauce dressing.    
red pepper Ground Chicken Salad  


  Steamed groundchicken, slices of ginger, red onion, and roast peanut in a spicy lime dressing    
red pepper Beef Salad   $12.00
  Pan grilled beef in spicy roasted sour curry dressing with lettuce, basil, cucumber, tomato, red and green onions.    
red pepper Larb   $12.00
  Famous eastern ground beef salad with red and green onion, roasted rice powder, native spices in spicy lime sauce    
red pepper Green Papaya Salad   $10.00
  Shredded green papaya mixed in garlic chili lime sauce and dried shrimp, green bean, tomato , and ground peanut. Try with stir fried sweet soy sauce vermicelli add $2.00     
red pepper Eggplant Salad   $12.50
  Grilled Japanese eggplant topped with ground chicken, shrimp, red, and green onion spicy lime dressing.    
red pepper Glass Noodle Salad   $12.50
  Clear glass noodle with fround chicken & shrimp in a spicy lime sauce dressing served with green salad    
  Tuna Salad   $14.50
  Sear fresh tuna with spicy creamy sauce and green salad with sesame miso dressing.    
  Chinese Chicken Salad   $12.00
  Slice Chinese cabbage, green onion, chicken and crispy noodle in sesame wine vinegar dressing.    
red pepper Seafood Salad   $16.00
  Steamed mixed seafood, lemon glass, red & green onion in spicy lime chili sauce.    
red pepper Sashimi Salad   $14.50
  Sashimi served on a bed of mix green salad and a lon with cucumber, tomato, red and green onion served with spicy sahimi dressing on the side.    
red pepper Roasted Duck Salad   $13.50
  Served with Coconut Chili Dressing    
Prices subject to change without notice.    

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